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Hi I am Ale Kurogane. I am a guide to Japanese porn. This is my first article of Japanese porn. I hope you'll like it.

This is the porn movie. The name is "the one of the 4 best gravure models of the year, the hard core porn movie debut!". Her name's Shoko Takahashi. She really was a extraordinary prestigious model who was very popular and well known by her incredible body shape and beauty face. But the reality now is that she is the pornstar.

This private movie made it happen.

Scandal Movie

For non-native Japanese speaker, it might not be clear what happens. It was said that she was negotiating her reward for her sex-work. The movie had a strong impact, you know? Top model does sex-work for money. She admitted that the girl on this movie was her. But this movie was edited for bad intention. In a nutshell, she claimed she was set up. She lost her status as a top model and she los her job. And now she became a pornstar.

Her porn movie is very beautiful. She had never shown herself naked before the camera but wearing swimsuits. But she now shows her play on this. And according to her blog, she enjoys her new job now.


Her porn movie sells incredibly well of course. One of the biggest site of the porn movie makers DMM shows her movie is liked 43,000 times. 43,000 sounds very small number. But actually not. DMM distributes 250,000 titles. 10,000 liked movie were only about 60 titles. And of course Her Movie is the best of 250,000. She reported that she made her next work. Yeah I am looking for that.

テーマ : 人気AV女優
ジャンル : アダルト

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